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Welcome to our NEW Mobile Page where you can take and find some different QR Codes, and how to use QR codes on your phone if your not sure how to use them. Check out the videos below for even more information. To take and run any of the Android Apps, your Android OS version must be 2.1 or higher, and you must have an Internet connection enabled. For Apps that use Flash, you´ll need Adobe Flash Player installed. Search Android Market for "adobe flash" to find and install the Flash Player.

Definition Of QR Codes:

QR-Codes are two dimensional barcode (datamatrix) that is designed to have its contents decoded at a high speed.

How QR Codes Work:

Take a mobile phone such as the iPhone; nearly ever mobile phone has a digital camera in todays world. The camera, along with decoding software can be used to capture a picture of the QR-Code, of which the QR-Code software decoder can then transform the data held with the QR-Code to a meaningful action for the mobile phone:

Connect to a web address
Download a MP3
Dial a telephone number
Prompt your email client with a sender address

This can all be done within a matter of milliseconds making the transformation from a users mobile phone to the mobile web instantaneous.

History Of QR Codes:

QR-Codes originated within the technology hungry country of Japan, and have only recently began to become popular within the Middle East and Europe.

Barcodes that you see on any commercial product are extremely beneficial as their reading speed, supreme accuracy and their functionality are key.

As barcodes reached their peak and began getting used worldwide, the need for more data and character types to be stored was inevitable.

Developers began tying to expand on the current amount of bars within the barcode and how their positioning resides to allow further data capacities. The need for smaller barcodes also was another defining factor in QR-Codes development.

Such developments failed as reading and printing implications caused more problems than solutions. The 2D barcode was then born.

About the Name:

The acronym QR is derived from the term Quick Response. The company Denso Wave originally spawned the term 'QR' as the creator intended that such barcodes and their contents were to be decoded at high speed electronically.

How will my users know that I changed my App?
Your App checks for updates every time the user launches it. If the app has been changed the App, it will be update automatically.

What is A QR code?
QR code is a two-dimensional matrix code similar to a bar code. All Apps on AppsGeyser have their own QR code containing a URL where you can download each App. To get the URL from QR code you'll need to use any bar scanner App. Search for "barcode scanner" on the Android Market.

Scanning QR Codes:

QR code processing app (for Android, you can use the Barcode ScannTake er App; on iPhone - the QR Reader for iPhone.)
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