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Click To Find even more simple kids recipes from here:

Try one of the following simple kids supper ideas from one of the following pages. Why not take a moment and try one of the following simple and quick recipes that will make a quick and easy kids supper idea. All recipes listed on this page as well as the others on the site are all quick and easy supper ideas that anyone can prepare. The kids may even want to take and help make these simple and quick kids supper ideas. If you have one of your own quick and easy supper suggestions for this area OR any of the other areas please use our
Recipe Submission Form to submit them for free. Take a look around and check out all the quick and simple supper ideas located from the site. Also check  out the simple Breakfast Recipes Here:

Try this simple beefaroni kids supper idea.

Breaded Chicken Fingers:
Here is aa simple idea for a kids supper of this breaded chicken finger supper suggestion.

Bistro French Dip:

Cheese Pizza Puffs:
A simple kids supper suggestion of cheese pizza puffs.

Chicken Fingers:
Simple chicken fingers that kids love.

Italian Oven Chicken:
Try this quick and easy Italian oven chicken for a quick kids supper idea.

Garlic Chicken:
Here is a simple and quick garlic chicken that is sure to be a hit with the kids for a quick and easy kids supper suggestion.

My-Oh-My Spaghetti Pie
Try this simple spaghetti pie recipe for a quick kids supper

Pepperoni Bread:
Looking for a quick idea to go with supper try this simple pepperoni bread

Saucy Hotdogs:
Kids will love thi simple and easy supper idea of saucy hotdogs

Stroganoff Stew:
A simple stroganoff stew idea for a quick kids supper

Teryaki Wings:
A simple andd easy Teryaki chicken wing suggestion for a simple kids supper idea or quick anytime snack.

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