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    It isn't always possible to find the fresh herb in a recipe, or the dried herb when you need it. The rule of thumb - for most herbs is: 1 teaspoon of the dried herb = 1 tablespoon of the fresh

    Another Fun Conversion Calculator for:


    American Standard to Metric
    Metric to American Standard
    Cups to Ounces
    plenty more.......


    How to use this Conversion Calculator

    Most of my recipes are in American standard measurements like ounces, pounds, cups,
    tablespoons, etc. but if you want to convert my recipes into metric measurement, this
    converter will help.

    This Conversion Calculator is from Google and can be used to convert just about anything.
    Here's what to do:

    • Type in the measurement you want to convert.
    • Then type "in"
    • Finish by typing in the measurement you would like to convert to

    For example:

    • 1 cup in ml
    • 400 F in C Fahrenheit to Celsius
    • 2 teaspoons in ml
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    Herb Substitution Chart

    You may find yourself in a situation where you are out of a specified herb in a recipe or perhaps you just don't care for that specific herb. This chart will help you choose substitutions or alternatives that should work with your recipe. Whenever substituting, you must realize that the flavor will not be as originally intended in the recipe. As such, it is wise to begin your substitution with half the specified recipe amount and then adjust to your own personal tastes. You should always feel free to adjust and add to any recipe to suit yourself and your family. Who knows? You just might create a new family favorite!

    When a recipe calls for fresh herbs, can I substitute the same amount of dried?

    Click Here to see a list of  herbs in PDF:
    As a general rule of thumb, for every tablespoon of fresh herbs, use one teaspoon of dried—in other words, it’s a three to one ratio. Dried herbs tend to be more intensely flavored—just as a sun dried tomato has more intense flavor than fresh.

    How do I substitute fresh herbs for dried?

    Fresh Seasonings

     Use fresh herbs and spices instead of using salt to season your meals
     In recipes, cut salt in half and add more fresh herbs and spices

     Experiment with different onion varieties to season soups, main meals soups and sauces, Do not forget other members of the onion family such as green onions, shallots, and leeks

     When doubling a recipe, herbs and spices should only be increased by one and half times. Taste, and then add some more if necessary.

    Add sage, bay leaf and garlic at the beginning of the cooking process as they have a strong flavor. Herbs with a more subtle aroma such as basil, parsley, fennel are best when added at the end of the cooking process to preserve their flavor

    Here is a chart to convert dried herbs to fresh

    5 ml (1 tsp) dried herbs = 15ml (1 tbsp) fresh herbs

    0.5 ml(1/8 tsp) garlic powder = 1 medium clove of garlic

    5 ml (1 tsp) onion powder = 1 medium onion, finely chopped

    1ml (1/4 tsp) ground ginger = 5 ml (1tsp) grated fresh ginger


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