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Dishwasher Recipe's:

You would be surprised to know and realize that you could do so many other things with your Bosch Dishwashers than their usual functions. On this site, something unbelievable is discussed. Did you know that you could actually cook using your dishwasher? Well, if you still could not believe what you have just read, you must continue browsing this page and be amazed with the wonderful recipes you can cook for you and your family using your dishwasher!


Dishwasher Recipe's Below:
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**  How to take and Poach Fish in the dishwasher:  Click Here for more Info: **

Read First Before Starting Cooking In The Dishwasher:

Here is something interesting to give a try  and see how  you like it  (RUN your dishwasher with nothing in it ONE complete cycle to take and clean any loose soap or dabrie  from inside dishwasher.). Although may take and amaze your friends & family when you take and tell them that the fish in front of them on there plate, was actually cooked not on the stove top, or in the oven BUT in the dishwasher , you will be amazed of the looks you get from people.   Believe it or not, this is a real recipe that was originally published by the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game. What could be more perfect for the lazy skater? Toss your dinner into the top rack of an electric dishwasher, turn it on using the hot wash-and-dry cycle, skate for an hour, and come home to a kitchen fragrant with lemon juice, olive oil, and fresh poached salmon. 

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Beef Cooked In Dishwasher:

Poaching beef in your dishwasher is a surefire way to shock your dinner guests, prepare a healthymeal, and do the dishes - all at the same time!Here's how to use your dishwasher to poach your beef tongue:


 Bob Blumer's Dishwasher Salmon:

You can actually cook salmon in your dishwasher. Here, directions from a Los Angeles chef and cookbook author.




Dishwasher Lasagna Florentine:

  Lasangna cooked in your dishwasher for a twist on dinner tonight.





Dishwasher Poached Salmon:

Poached Salmon made in your dishwasher for something different for supper. Amaze everyone when you tell them the fish was cooked in the dishwasher .






Salmon Recipe

Another but simple salmon recipe that is cooked in the dishwasher, trey this one tonight or if your ooking for something new to amaze your dinner guests.




Salmon #2 In Dishwasher:

Here is one more salmon recipe that you can cook in the dishwasher


Shrimp A La  Dishwasher:

Try this shrimp recipe made in the dishwasher ..



Dishwasher Salmon with Cilantro Sauce:

 Here is a salmon with cilantro sauce which is cooked in the disher



Dishwasher Salmon With A Piquant Dill Sauce:

Here is a dishwasher salmon with a piquant dill sauce, that can be made for a simple and fst supper idea..






Dishwasher Catfish

Here is something different and easy to try for supper. Try this catfish cooked in a dishwasher recipe for an easy supper or dinner recipe tonight.


Dishwasher Salmon 2:

Just like it sounds,salmon cooked in your dishwasher, take and give this plus the other dishwasher recipes a try tonight or at the next football game try this as a party or game day  snack.

Salmon In The Dishwasher:

By: Zuzu
"As the name implies, this is salmon cooked in the dishwasher. It does work, and comes out quite good."